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Search engine optimization is needed to ensure that your site and its pages rank in search engine results. Using social media and link building are important strategies to help optimize your website, but you will still need to tools to get ahead of your competition. Search engine optimization tools help improve your online marketing strategy. You must be asking yourself if there are free search engine optimization tools you can use.

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If you are on a tight online marketing budget, you can still use search engine optimization tools to improve the ranking of your website. Here are the top 5 search engine optimization tools you can use for your website:

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog is a search engine optimization tool that you can install on your desktop or laptop. The Screaming Frog spiders your website’s links, CSS, script, images, and applications from the perspective of search engine optimization. The tool fetches vital onsite elements for search engine optimization. The tool then presents the retrieved data in tabs by type and allows users to sift through common search engine optimization problems, or transfer the data you want to get to Excel.You can view, peruse, filter, and analyze the data as it is updated continuously in the tool’s interface.

The Screaming Frog enables you to quickly audit, analyze, and review a website from an onsite search engine optimization perspective. The tool comes in handy when you have to analyze and audit large websites where manually checking each page is tedious or impossible. Some of the data that Screaming Frog can get are meta keywords, meta description, duplicate pages, file size, page depth length, and others.

SEO Powersuite

For those who want an all-around tool at their disposal, SEO Powersuite is the weapon of choice. SEO Powersuite combines all of the search engine optimization tools you need. The SEO Powersuite comes with four handy optimization tools you need. With Powersuite, you do not have to spend hours manually doing all of the SEO tasks you need for the day.

You can automate certain search engine optimization tasks to be more efficient. Powersuite is always up to date when it comes to the latest trends in search engine optimization. This tool updates free of charge so that you can stay updated with the newest SEO methods. You can use the Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. With these four high value search engine optimization tools, you can analyze your website and implement changes to help improve your search engine rank.

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Xenu Link Sleuth

In a nutshell, Xenu Link Sleuth checks sites for broken links. This search engine optimization tool is ideal for checking and optimizing the links in your website. Removing dead hyperlinks is a must if you want your website to rank high in search engine results. This tool performs link verification for tags, images, plug-ins, local image maps, Java applets, scripts, style sheets, and backgrounds. This search engine optimization tool also follows links to other pages, and checks the links on those pages as well. With this tool, you can check the broken links of your website in one session instead of manually checking each link.

This search engine optimization tool also displays an updated list of URLs which you can sort according to certain criteria. This tool also has an easy to understand and use user-interface which enables users to easily understand how websites are structured.


This search engine optimization tool provides you with keyword suggestions to help boost your website’s traffic. Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy. With this SEO tool, you can research a wide variety of keywords that can help drive traffic to your website. Ubersuggest helps you find keywords, whether they are long tail or LSI, that you can use for the content of your website.

You need to create fresh and new content for your website to continually get traffic and conversions. With the help of Ubersuggest, you can quickly find keywords that you can use for the fresh content that you have to make for your website. You can easily find the right mix of keywords you need when you use this keyword suggestion tool. This keyword suggestion tool is also easy to use and is free of charge.

Keyword Eye Basic

Keyword Eye Basic is another free search engine optimization tool you can use for your online marketing strategy. Keyword eye provides users with a visual representation of the keywords they can use for the optimization of their website. Keyword Eye Basic helps you brainstorm when choosing which keywords to use for the content you want to upload to your website. The visual representation of the keywords you want to use will help you choose the right keywords quickly and efficiently.

By using this search engine optimization tool, you can also monitor your competition. This tool helps you see and study the keywords that your competition uses to help you improve your online marketing strategy. Analyzing on-site content trends is faster and easier with the help of this keyword tool. You can easily gather data on the keywords that your competitors use and ranking data that you can also use to improve your marketing strategy.

You can also monitor linked anchor texts, help affiliates find niche markets, keyword research for your copywriters and bloggers, keyword research for PPC planning, and other keyword and content-related activities that your company needs for their online marketing strategy. You can also use the data you collected using this tool for presentations.

These are the top 5 free search engine optimization tools you can use. These SEO tools help improve your online marketing strategy and help you plan your next course of action. These tools help you get the data you need not only about the optimization level of your site, but also your competition’s. These tools can help you efficiently reach your audience and keep them engaged in your business. Using these tools will help you create the best online marketing strategy for your website.